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Pastoring ministry leaders so they can lead healthy and high-impact churches


A year-long relational group for male lead pastors seeking authentic relationships with other lead pastors. Through online and in person gatherings you'll build relationships, receive coaching, resources and much more to take you and your church to the NEXT LEVEL. Brotherhood groups consist of 8-10 pastors led by a Next Level Relational Network leader. 


A year-long relational group for the wife of a currently enrolled Brotherhood Pastor, who is looking for deeper relationships within a community of other ladies through online and in person gatherings.  This group is designed to build authentic relationships with other women, whether they co-lead with their husband, serve in a specific ministry, are a stay-at-home mom, or employed outside the home. Sisterhood Groups consist of 8-10 ladies and are led by a Next Level Relational Network Leader. 

Your Next Level

So much more than coaching, Your Next Level offers a live online experience where you connect with  other lead pastors from around the country to learn and grow together.  You'll hear current teachings from Matt and Sarah Keller, founding and lead pastors of Next Level Church and the Next Level Relational Network.  With each session 90 minutes in length and the group size kept to no more than 10 members, you'll have access to apply what you're learning by asking your questions from a trained facilitator who is also a lead pastor just a few steps ahead of you.