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Interested in joining a Freedom Group?

Freedom groups at Next Level Church are an in-depth look at “Who we are” as Christ followers. We believe no matter where we are in our relationship with God, there is more for us here on earth beyond salvation! For each of us, our identity should be secure as God’s sons and daughters, but there are things that keep us from truly understanding and experiencing this.

In our Freedom Groups, we will look at our past and present through self-awareness to see if there are things holding us back from the future that God has prepared for us. Freedom Groups are not just about knowledge acquisition, but taking the knowledge we acquire and allowing our lives to be transformed through the love of the Father, the power of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The goal is to learn and experience how we can fight off Satan’s attempts to entangle us in sin and instead embrace our identity as sons and daughters of God who are growing in an intimate relationship with Him as Father!


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