Kick Off Sessions

Mid-Year Sessions

Session 1 - "The Heart of the Relational Network" - Pastors Matt and Sarah Keller
Session 2- "6 Major Problems Among Ministry Leaders"- Pastor Matt Keller
Session 3- "Known, Loved and Challenged" - Pastor Matt Keller
Session 4- "Lost People Found, Found People Free, Free People Empowered"-Pastor Matt Keller
Session 5- "Stolen Staff and Picked Over Promotion" - Pastor Matt Keller
Session 6- "What Win Are You Looking For?"- Pastor Sarah Keller
Session 7- Interview - with Pastors Matt and Sarah Keller and Pastor Ben Rath
Session 8- NLC Executive Leadership Team Q & A
Session 9 - "Circle of Accountability" - Pastor Matt Keller
Session 10 - "The Orphan Spirit" - Pastor Matt Keller
Session 11- "3 Thoughts to Replace the Orphan Spirit" - Pastor Luis Quintero

Session 1-10 Truths about Vision, Pastor Matt Keller

Session 2-Enneagram, Pastor Sarah Keller & Pastor Ashley Harmon

Sesssion 3-Making the Jump aka S-Curve 2.0, Pastor Matt Keller

Session 4-Empowering for Effectiveness, Pastor Sarah Keller

Session 5-Doing Ministry Together, Pastors Matt and Sarah Keller

Session 6-Applying the S Curve, Pastor Matt Keller & Pastor Dan Stauffer

Session 7-Transitioning People Well, Pastors Matt & Sarah Keller

Session 10-Seeing the Unseen, Pastor Ben Rath

Mid-YearAudio Recordings