NLCONF 19 Recordings

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Session 1 - Are You Ready to Get Up?  Pastors Matt and Sarah Keller


Session 2 - Are You Ready to Step Out in Faith? Pastor Todd Mullins


Session 3 - Mindset of A Moment Maker, Pastor Julie Mullins

Session 4 - Are You Ready to Settle Your Sonship/Daughtership?


Servant Sibling Son/Daughter Chart

Offenses  Options

Session 5 - 2020 Network Vision - Pastor Matt Keller

Session 6 - Are you Ready to Honor? Pastor Luis Quintero

Session 7 - Are you Ready to Wait? Pastor Matt Keller

Session 8 - Are You Ready to do it Together? Executive Leadership Panel

Session 9 - Are You Ready to Make a Kingdom Impact? Pastors Matt and Sarah Keller