Dan Stauffer is the Next Level Relational Network Pastor serving alongside Pastor Matt & Pastor Sarah Keller to fulfill their mission that no ministry couple would be alone, hopeless or clueless.  Along with his wife Stephanie, their 3 children and a handful of family and friends, Dan planted a church in New Jersey in 2008 with the ARC.  He met the Keller’s soon after and they quickly became the Stauffer’s pastors and one of their overseers. Planting in a movie theater, moving to a middle school auditorium 7 weeks after launch and then 4 years later to a permanent location with multiple services and several paid staff, Dan has the experience and wisdom to help pastors navigate the complexities of church leadership.  

Dan has coached new church planters with ARC and has helped the Keller’s pastor ministry leaders for over 8 years. In 2016 he transitioned his church to become a campus for another church and moved his family to Fort Myers, FL to serve the Keller’s, Next Level Church and the Relational Network.